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Revolution in the fight against problematic skin


Phage Glow is a clinically proven product that will improve your problematic skin.

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Phage Glow
Bioactive gel

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Unique product on the basis of bacteriophages


Isolated phages kill the bacteria associated with acne and problematic skin. This product is considered revolutionary due to the high stability and desired genomic features of the bacteriophages. Phage therapy has been proved to be one of the most effective methods how to fight against the resistant strains compared to antibiotics.

  • Aloe vera
  • Lavandula Angustifolia

Care for acne-prone skin   Care for eczematous skin

Bioactive gel

Revolution in the fight against problematic skin on the basis of bacteriophage which don’t irritate your skin but help its hydration and beautiful natural look.

Available from 11 July 2024.

Pre-order 25,79 €

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Mi lu jem ! Je to úžasne odporucam kazdemu .


S produktom som veľmi spokojná. Za 3 dni som mala vstrebané vyrážky. Super, odporúčam.


Objednávala jsem si gel na akné a byla jsem víc než spokojená. Rychlé dodání, šetrné balení s podrobným návodem k aplikaci a hlavně výsledky, které se dostavily během týdne.

Jana H.

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What others say about Phage Glow

Before and after

“Acne has been bothering me since I was about 12 years old. I researched a lot about the product and decided to give it a try. I only applied it to the problem areas and you could really see the difference. Especially on white cap pimples it worked great and seemed to melt away overnight. I would recommend it further as the effect was really visible and I am happy with it.”

client Zuzka

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